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Too many young disabled people reach their last day of school with no plans for what they’re going to do with their future. We’re failing them. Every single one of them deserves a fighting chance.
That is what this Bill is all about.

The Bill is at the Education, Children and Young People Committee for scrutiny. Please get involved by emailing your MSP, sending them a postcard, or tagging them on social media to ask them to support the Bill.

What will the Bill do?

The Bill will ensure young disabled people have the right to transitional support into adulthood. It will make the Scottish Government responsible for ensuring a transitions plan is implemented across Scotland to support disabled children and young people.


Key points of the Bill - the Bill will:


Require the Scottish Government to introduce a National Transitions Strategy – a strategy that applies consistently across the whole of Scotland.


Require a Scottish Government Minister to be appointed with specific responsibility over transitions into adulthood – this will ensure the strategy is being implemented properly with Government oversight.


Require a statutory transitions plan – a plan that is enacted in law, and that will hold the Government to account.


Require the relevant organisations to work together to support the desired outcomes of young people – everyone deserves a fighting chance to achieve their goals.

Get involved:

Transitions Bill engagement session in Dundee - 30 August 2022

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Transitions Bill engagement session in Dunfermline - 29 August 2022

You are crucial to ensuring this Bill becomes law.


The Bill is designed to help disabled people, their families and the organisations that provide support to them. That means your views are crucial in implementing this bill as law. It is important that the people this Bill aims to help are listened to so say what you think and empower yourself with the opportunity to have your voice heard in the decision-making process.

The bottom line:

The Bill will provide disabled young people across Scotland with statutory support from the age of 14 at the latest, into adulthood. While children are already entitled to a plan, the present framework fails disabled young people. This Bill can put things right and give every young person, regardless of ability, a fighting chance at a future.

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