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My Disabled Children and Young People (Transitions to Adulthood) (Scotland) Bill will give young disabled people up and down the country a fighting chance at a future, and I need your help to make sure it becomes law.

Why the Bill matters:

  • By requiring the Scottish Government to introduce a National Transitions Strategy, by law, the Bill makes sure this issue will always be front and centre of the Government’s plans for disabled people.

  • By requiring the Scottish Government to assign the job of transitions planning to a Minister, the Bill ensures someone takes responsibility for it in Government, and disabled people and their families have someone to hold to account.

  • By giving young disabled people a right to a transitions plan, in law, transitions cannot be ignored or put on the back burner.

  • By requiring all the relevant people and organisations to work together to support the desired outcomes of the young person, the Bill takes pressure off families who end up project managing instead of planning exciting things for the young person's future.

I need your help to make sure all MSPs know how important these bits of the Bill are. So, please, write to them.

Please also consider writing to members of the Committee to encourage them to support the Bill, too.

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