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Housing (Cladding Remediation) (Scotland) Bill becomes LAW

I am committed to ensuring that buildings with flammable cladding are remediated as soon as possible. The Housing (Cladding Remediation) (Scotland) Bill is currently making its way through the Parliamentary process, and while it is long overdue, residents and owners of buildings with flammable cladding need it. I am doing all I can to ensure the Bill does what residents and owners need it to. 

Keep an eye on this page for updates on the work I am doing to help those that own and are living in buildings with flammable cladding in the Glasgow Region - and sign up for updates if you want to be notified whenever I have an update on this work.

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23/04/2024: Stage 2: amending the Bill

At Committee in Stage 2 of the Bill, I lodged a series of amendments that were drafted with the interests of owners and occupiers in mind. From my discussions with Resident Associations, owners and occupiers, it is clear that there remains a serious concern of the potential for a conflict of interest to arise, with developers having sole responsibility over the Single Building Assessment. That is why I proposed amendments that would (1) protect owner and occupier voice in the SBA process, (2) guarantee independent oversight of SBA development, and (3) put in measures to protect disabled people. Each of these were not supported by the Scottish Government at Stage 2, but I am pleased to report that the Minister committed to working with me in the lead up to Stage 3 on these issues, and I remain hopeful that we can do something to ensure the concerns of owners and occupiers are put at ease in this legislation.

Remember to sign up for updates if you want to hear more about what I am doing to protect the interests of owners and occupiers of dangerous buildings, in Glasgow and across Scotland, and click below if you want to watch what happened at Stage 2.

12/03/2024: Stage 1: speaking for the Bill

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