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Protect Trans Rights

The Tories have used trans people as a political football and stoked a toxic culture war to distract from their utter incompetence.

All through the GRA process, they brought wrecking amendment after wrecking amendment because they are more interested in headlines, and fighting a culture war, than making this work.

They are no defenders of equality. And never have been.

I am heartbroken that we have gotten here. We supported reform, and we worked day and night with Members across this Parliament to make it a Bill that people can have confidence in. I continue to support it. I am proud of the work we did on it, and I hope it gets Royal Assent as soon as possible because at the heart of this is trans people. Trans people who will be looking on in distress as certain people across the country have conversations about this legislation, without them in the room. Trans people who have made plans on the basis of the implementation of this Bill.

Trans people should not need to wait one more day than is necessary to have a system in place that allows them to have their gender recognised, a system that grants them dignity and respect. That means both Governments need to sit down and sort this out.

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