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Commenting on GGC cancelling non-urgent elective procedures, Scottish Labour MSP for Glasgow Region, Pam Duncan-Glancy said: "This is deeply concerning for my constituents in Glasgow. "Our whole NHS is in crisis and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is at the sharp end of it. “This decision will lead to patients missing out on important procedures so that staff can be reprioritised to keep A+Es afloat. “This deadly crisis is not the result of the pandemic; the NHS was on its knees before Covid. It is the result of more than 15 years of mismanagement and incompetence from the SNP Government. “Hardworking NHS staff are being abandoned, they are being run ragged and despite doing their best to provide top-quality care, care is being compromised. Patient safety is at risk and lives are being lost. “This cannot go on. The SNP must urgently recognise the scale of this crisis, and act to save the NHS. That starts by getting rid of Humza Yousaf and making way for a Health Secretary that will take action. .”


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