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Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP has accused the SNP of passing the buck over Low Emission Zones following the newly appointed transport minister’s refusal to meet with her ahead of June 1st, and Glasgow City Councils claim in a letter of 5th May 2023 that many of areas of concerns she highlighted are the responsibility of Transport Scotland.

The Scottish Labour MSP has now urged the Minister for Transport to reconsider requests to meet to discuss the restrictions due to come into force in Glasgow on 1st June.

The MSP for the Glasgow region has repeatedly expressed concerns about the potential adverse effects of the restrictions on disabled people and their carers, as well as the taxi trade in the city.

Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP said:

“The objective of low emission zones to reduce air pollution in the city is one that I, of course, support – but the potential unintended consequences for disabled people, carers and the taxi industry must not be overlooked.

“I have been trying to engage with both the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council on these issues for some time yet with the deadline round the corner, the Minister for Transport is refusing to meet with me, and Glasgow City Council are doing their best to pass the buck to Transport Scotland.

“The lack of engagement raises serious questions about the SNP’s commitment to ensuring an inclusive and accessible approach to meeting net zero targets, and their concern for the people of Glasgow.

“They can’t just stick their fingers in their ears and refuse to engage. That’s not good enough. People in Glasgow deserve better than that.

“As is too often the case with the SNP, their aims are welcome – but their delivery is a shambles and leaves too many people behind.

“The Government and the Council urgently need to engage stakeholders including Transport Scotland, Glasgow Taxis and disabled people to find a solution that both delivers on environmental responsibilities while protecting inclusivity and accessibility’.


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