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Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP has written to the Chief Executives of Glasgow City Council, and Glasgow’s Health and Social Care Partnership to demand both organisations get round the table to discuss solutions to the Homeless Project’s Scotland ongoing difficulties to find a building.

The charity is currently operating outdoors on Argyle Street under Glasgow Central Station’s rail-bridge, with more than 200 people attending to receive hot food each night. Glasgow Labour’s Duncan-Glancy has expressed her disappointment that despite commitments made at the start of the summer neither the Government nor Glasgow City Council have been able to find the charity a suitable indoor premise.

Glasgow City Council previously offered the Homeless Project Scotland a premises, but the charity was forced to decline the offer as the proposed unit was unfit for their services. They claim entrances were insecure and inaccessible, facilities were unsanitary, and volunteers raised concerns about their safety working in the building.

The Charity’s Chairman Colin McInnes says they first approached Glasgow City Council to express the need for a building in May 2021. Despite pledging its support to help the Homeless Project back in June, the council have yet to present a viable property.

Commenting Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP said:

“I have visited the Homeless Project twice now and have seen first-hand the essential services they provide to people across Glasgow who are struggling. I have urged the First Minister to do the same, but she is yet to do so.

“It’s a disgrace that despite the project stepping up to the plate in the absence of proper state support, the Government have done nothing to find them appropriate accommodation. Even worse, just last month one of the SNPs Glasgow representatives gave an insulting response to the Charity’s pleas.

“Winter is coming, temperatures are dropping but people still need food, and the Homeless Project will continue to ensure they have it.

“For the sake of those who rely on this valuable project, and the hard-working dedicated volunteers that run this government should feel an obligation to help find a solution. I am calling on all those in power to get round the table, put an end to this farce and ensure that the Homeless Project have a suitable indoor premise from which to continue providing their lifeline services.


Letter to GCC and HSCP re Homelessness Scotland building 12 Oct 2022
Download PDF • 125KB

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