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Commenting on new poverty statistics, which show no progress has been made tackling poverty in Scotland, Scottish Labour Social Justice spokesperson Pam Duncan-Glancy said: “The SNP’s failure to tackle poverty is a shameful blight on their record in government. “A single person in poverty is one too many and a single day spent in poverty is a day too many – but the SNP seem content to let things stall at these devastating levels. “It’s clear both of our governments have failed miserably to protect people from the cost of living crisis, squandering the legacy of the last Labour government. “The next First Minister must make poverty a priority, before another generation is lost as a result of this Scottish Government’s failure to act.”

ENDS Notes “Poverty levels broadly stable”

Relative poverty after housing costs 2019-22:

  • All – 21%. This is a 2% rise from 2018-21

  • Children – 24%. 1% fall from 2018-21, but same as 2017-20

Absolute poverty after housing costs

  • All – 17%. Stayed the same since 2016-19

  • Children. 21%. Stayed the same since 2016-19

Severe poverty after housing costs

  • All -15%. Up by 1% from 2018-21, up by 2% from 2014-17 (13%)

  • Children – 18%. Has been rising since 2014-17 (14%)

Proportion of people in poverty who are in a household with a disabled child

  • 28%. Risen by 3% from 2014- 2017

  • Number of people in persistent poverty: 12% - stayed at 12% since 2016

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