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The Scottish Government’s updated homelessness statistics have revealed that the number of children and pregnant women in temporary accommodation has risen by 10% since last year.

There were 1,090 households with children and pregnant women recorded as living in temporary accommodation in September 2022, up from 995 during the same period in 2021. These households account for 24% of all those living in temporary accommodation in Glasgow.

There was also a 7% rise in the number of children living in temporary accommodation, with the figure having risen from 2,480 in 2021 to 2,665 in September 2022. The figures also show that 29% of all children living in temporary accommodation across Scotland are in Glasgow.

Overall, Glasgow received 6,323 applications for homelessness from January 2022 through to September.

Commenting Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP said:

“These figures are shocking. Living in limbo like this is damaging, it means you can’t plan, or settle and that has a massive impact on your life. People in temporary accommodation in Glasgow account for more than one fifth of people living in temporary accommodation across Scotland and 29% of all children in temporary accommodation are within the City – the Government is failing people here. They’re failing to properly equip councils with the resources they need to take direct action, and the council is letting people down by not effectively using the resources it does have.

“The SNP at both a local and national level have to get a grip of this. It is not right that such high numbers of woman and children are being left living like this.

“Labour have long been warning that this disaster was coming, but the SNP and the Greens have not stepped up to fix it.

“Next year’s budget looks set to make the current situation worse, and I am deeply worried about the impacts that Government decisions will have for people across the Glasgow Region. We can’t allow the situation to get any worse.

“Scottish Labour have a real plan to make sure every person in Scotland has the safe secure home they deserve. I hope the SNP and Greens look at it and implement it. We need to see the Government take action and tackle this crisis head on.”



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