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More than half of people in Glasgow struggling to see a dentist

The SNP government is failing to protect the health of people in Glasgow, Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP has said today. Statistics published this week show that only 46.9 per cent of people in Glasgow have visited an NHS dentist over the past two years, more than a 28% drop when compared to 2012. The participation rate for children in Glasgow is just 63.9 per cent, a fall of more than 23 per cent over the last 10 years. Across Scotland there were more than 2 million fewer patients seen from January to November in 2022 compared to the same period in 2019. Most shocking of all, oral health inequalities have continued to grow under the SNP. In September 2022, children and adults from the most deprived areas were less likely to have seen their dentist compared to the least deprived areas within the last two years (55.9% compared to 75.8% for children and 42.7% compared to 53.5% of adults). These inequalities are starkest in children. In September 2008, the gap between the child participation rates for the most and least deprived quintiles was three percentage points; this had increased to seven percentage points by 2010, and twenty percentage points in September 2022 (the highest reported difference). Commenting, Scottish Labour MSP for the Glasgow Region, Pam Duncan-Glancy said “Dental inequality has soared under the SNP. “It’s a real worry that more than half of people in Glasgow haven’t seen an NHS dentist in the last two years. “And it’s got worse. Over the past 10 years fewer and fewer people have gone to the NHS for dentistry, and it’s true of both adults and children. Participation rates have been falling year on year since the SNP came to Government. “They are failing to protect the health of people in Glasgow by creating a two-tier system and it's the people in the poorest areas that are missing out. “People who can pay to go private are doing that, while people who can’t are left to go without. “That’s unacceptable. The Cabinet Secretary has to get a grip of this crisis and take action. If he doesn’t, he’s putting the future of NHS dentistry at risk. “ ENDS Notes to editors 1) Patients seen by NHS dentist in Scotland Jan-Nov 2019 4,972,027 Jan-Nov 2022 2,809,745 % change -43%

2) Patients who have seen their dentist within the last two years (at September 2022)

3)Participation Rate in NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Adults Children September 2012 75.7% 87.7% September 2022 46.9% 63.9% % change -28.8 % -23.8% Source:

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