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Scottish Labour have accused the SNP of languishing under “another week of failure” as thousands of Scots are left suffering in pain for hours at A&E departments.

NHS Performs data for the week ending 16th October shows that NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde saw just 62% of patients presenting at A+E within 4 hours. 2,416 patients waited more than the target time, despite the lowest attendances at A&E since early August.

Shockingly, 855 patients waited more than 8 hours to be treated. A further 340 patients were left for 12 hours before being seen.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde currently has among the worst performance in the country for A+E wait times and falls below the national average in terms of meeting the wait time targets.

Commenting, Scottish Labour MSP Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP said:

“This crisis in our A&E has carried on for too long. Week after week thousands of people across Glasgow are left to suffer for hours in Glasgow’s emergency departments.

“The SNP have promised repeatedly to sort out this emergency, but there is no end in sight. We have seen little improvement. My inbox is full of people desperate for health care, one person even emailed from A&E to say their mum had been waiting hours in agony only to hear an announcement that there was an 8 hour wait with 14 ambulances waiting to get in.

“This can’t go on. People are beginning to lose confidence in the health service’s ability to meet their needs.

“Hard working staff are doing all they can to give patients the care they deserve, but they are being left high and dry by the Health Secretary.

“Winter is coming, and the situation cannot be allowed to get any worse, Humza Yousaf must get a grip of this crisis without any further delay.”


Notes to editors

During week ending 16 October 2022:

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