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Glasgow cannot afford to pay the price of the SNP, Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP has said, as the cost of delayed discharge has been revealed. Statistics revealed by Scottish Labour have shown that delayed discharge cost NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde a staggering £31,416,053 in 2021/22. Despite the Scottish Government promising in February 2015 to eradicate delayed discharge, it still costs NHS Scotland millions every year. It piled pressure on already-stretched services in Glasgow last year, with 113,211 bed days being lost over the course of 2021/22. Scottish Labour has said that this is symbolic of SNP failure to deliver on its promises and shows the damage done to public health and finances by SNP incompetence. Commenting, Scottish Labour MSP Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP said:

“Years on from the SNP promising to end the deadly and costly practice of Delayed Discharge, the problem still persists.

“In a year when services were already at breaking point, delayed discharge cost the already underfunded health service more than £31 million. “This needless expense to the taxpayer has built up on Nicola Sturgeon’s watch and the Health Secretary, Humza Yousaf, has allowed it to soar.

“We cannot have patients left in hospital unnecessarily and the public purse drained due to

poor provision of care for those leaving hospital. “SNP mismanagement has meant vital cash being wasted, rather than being used to provide proper care and treatment to the people of Glasgow. “Scottish Labour have secured a debate on the NHS in the Scottish Parliament this week to demand answers, and solutions from the SNP Government. “It’s time for the Health Secretary to face the music and hand the role over to someone who is prepared to tackle the issue.” ENDS

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