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"The SNP-Green budget illustrates either an inability or an unwillingness to protect those in our society that need it most and that even their own SNP councillors say will decimate their communities

"It's a budget that is bereft of measures that would have reduced inequality for women, for disabled people, for carers both paid and unpaid, for those hardest hit by the cost of living crisis and it fails to offer support to the third sector who always act as a last line of defence for these groups.

"These spending plans are forcing councillors across the country to make heart-breaking decisions about which vital services to cut – like in Glasgow where the removal of funding for the FoodTrain has left pensioners across the city fearing because they don’t know how they will access food.

"Childcare charges are increasing for already struggling families, Libraries, and Sports facilities are reducing opening hours and previously free public museums are introducing entry fees.

"The blame for those decisions rests firmly at the door of the SNP-Green Scottish Government.

"Delivering the change Scotland needs starts with getting serious about tackling poverty and inequality – and it's clear that the SNP, nor the Greens have done so as their priority"

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