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COMMENT: Nicola Sturgeon resignation

"Nicola Sturgeon put her head above the parapet, to lead our country through some really tough times.

"Regardless of our differences, leading as a woman today, is hard. I, like I imagine most women in politics will, wholeheartedly relate to her comments about the brutality of public office and the toll it takes on your private life. Nicola Sturgeon took that on and I hope will have inspired other women too.

“I thank her for doing so, pay tribute to her for it and wish her well for the future.

"People in Glasgow, and indeed across Scotland are struggling. Poverty is rife, the health service is on its knees and the cost of living crisis is tougher than ever. Whoever the successor of the job is, has a monumental task on their hands. I wish them well and hope they are ready to hit the ground running, because there can be no time wasted in fixing things. Its what the people of Scotland deserve and need.

“Our country, now more than ever, needs politics and politicians focussed on delivering the change Scotland needs, to make it the land of opportunity for everyone, that we all want it to be.

"I and my Scottish Labour Party colleagues will fight day and daily to do that, to win the confidence of the public - and be the change that Scotland needs."

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